Recreating Classics: Live Action Disney Movies

By: Samantha Heath, Staff Writer

Many people, young and old, have seen classic Disney movies. Whether they be “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Toy Story” or “Frozen”, they have been cherished throughout the years by many generations. So much so, that some of these classics are being, or have already been, remade into live action films.

A photo of classic Disney movies.

Some of the movies that are set to be remade, or have already been remade, are “Aladdin”, “Dumbo”, “The Lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast” and many more to come.

“Aladdin”, for example, came out in May 24, 2019 and had many mixed reviews.

“I found it very vibrant with its incorporation of the elements of the original movie,” stated Megan Hickey, Sophomore. “I liked that it also had new concepts of its own so it wasn’t just a copy of the original,” Hickey added.

Characters from the Classic Aladdin movie.

Another remake that also had mixed reviews is “The Lion King”.

“I didn’t really like this version of ‘The Lion King’,” said Jaxson Langrehr, Sophomore. “I liked the music and it was catchy, but also boring. The CGI had been deep in the uncanny valley at times and the facial expressions and facial movements had been almost nonexistent.”

Characters from the classic Lion King movie.

These remakes have been compared to the classics in both good and bad ways. Many have said the new versions are more advanced, but they also change things that don’t go along with the story line, such as what Chandon Thomson had spoke about her thoughts on the classic movies and the new ones.

“The new Disney movies are more visually pleasing in this century,” Chandon Thomson, Sophomore, stated. “The older movies did not possess the advanced technology to create the quality we have today. The new movies are very focused on the visual details and try to make the plot as authentic as possible to the audience, but sometimes, depending on the movie, change plot points that don’t make much sense.”

The recreations try to stay true to the beloved originals, but they also attempt to change certain concepts to try to not to be the exact same as the classics. There are more of these remakes to come in the following years to continue to spread the joy of Disney movies to both the new generations and everyone who loved the classics.

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