Saying Goodbye to Our Editor

Kalli Todd, Co-Editor   This year, graduation for Socastee High School students is on June 5. Graduating with the class of 2019 is one of our current co-editors, Abby Fookes.   Abby Fookes has been a member of The Native Voice staff since her freshman year. She took journalism in her first semester of high school, and... Continue Reading →


“Once a Brave, Always a Brave”

Zoe Campbell, Staff Writer High School is known as the best four years of one's life. People create unforgettable memories and meet unforgettable people. At Socastee High School one of the unforgettable people is Warren Carr, also known as “Big Pimpin’” is an asset to the custodial staff and loved by everyone.   Warren Carr graduated... Continue Reading →

Education First; Jobs Second

Elizabeth Parrish, Social Media Coordinator Studies have shown that students with jobs have a hard time obtaining good grades. Many high school students have a part time job. The U.S. Census has said one in four high school students age 16 or have a part time job. Having to work after a school day can... Continue Reading →

The Man Show: More Than Comedy

Nancy Alvarez, Co-Editor  Remembering our loved ones usually brings a bittersweet feeling as well as a few tears, but that isn’t always the case. At Socastee High School, thanks to Mrs. Kelly French, the students, faculty and parents can honor the memory of their beloved peers through a comedic way. All images were provided by... Continue Reading →

Back to 2015

Olivia Peters, Staff Writer   Our parents tell us that high school was the best four years of their lives; you make new friends, join sports teams and clubs and apply for college your senior year. Looking back on my freshman year, there’s definitely things that I wish I could change or tell my freshman self.... Continue Reading →

Waccamaw Walks Out

Abi Perito, Staff Writer   Since 1949, May has been donned as the Mental Health Awareness Month in America. And what better way to show your support for those struggling than what a local school, Waccamaw High School, did earlier this week. credit: wpde.comWaccamaw High School, located in the Georgetown County School District, has faced criticism... Continue Reading →

Brave Battles: Exams

By: Lily Simpson, Staff Writer When testing you have to stay silent until every student is finished testing and then you will be dismissed to go to class. To study or not to study? 18 students say that they study for exams and 19 students say they don't. Some students feel that if they study,... Continue Reading →

Noah Glasgow: For Socastee

Abby Fookes, Co-Editor Noah Glasgow is running for Socastee High School's student body president for the 2019-2020 school year.   Every year, Socastee High School holds an election involving the whole student body that decides on the student council members for the following year. The election determines president, vice president and secretary treasurer for the freshman,... Continue Reading →

Beach Bunnies Beware

Kassidy Long, Staff Writer It's seems as the closer we get closer to the end of the school year, and the days become warmer, more and more teens are posting about going to the beach to enjoy the nice weather and to celebrate surviving another strenuous year. But with summer just around the corner, the... Continue Reading →

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