Lighten Up

By: Victoria LeRoy, Staff Writer Purple Shampoo is a product that acts as a toner for people with blonde or silver hair. Using purple shampoo has recently become a trend since it allows people to lighten their hair instead of having to dye it The product is said to work for all hair types, so... Continue Reading →

Making Memories Shine

By Aubrey Semprevivo, Staff Writer Traditions are something to be held dearly and withstand the test of time. Socastee holds many of these to be true. Among such traditions is the Junior Class Ring Ceremony. Every year, the junior class is presented with the opportunity to purchase a class ring: a customizable, priceless piece of... Continue Reading →

Baking Brownies in a Brisk

As the holidays creep closer, many people are beginning to plan and prepare for their holiday festivities. Not everyone may have the time to make extravagant desserts or meals, so a quick and easy box recipe can do the trick when you’re in a hurry. The cooling of the brownies is a crucial part because... Continue Reading →

Doing More for Less

By: Nancy Alvarez, Co-Editor Now that the second semester is in full swing, many students at Socastee High School have joined honor societies as well as clubs. Being a member of many of these activities, requires students to perform a certain amount of community service and as a high school student, it can be difficult... Continue Reading →

Local Munches: Duck Donuts

By: Kalli Todd, Co-Editor Most of the time, when you want a donut, there are two main places that you would go to: Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. However, in the last few months, a new donut shop opened in Surfside Beach called Duck Donuts.  Duck Donuts is very unique in the way that the... Continue Reading →

Student of the Week

By: Lauren Jones, Staff Writer Maintaining good grades, being active within the school and being a student athlete is a very difficult thing to manage. There are students at Socastee who are excelling at these challenging tasks, and they deserve to be recognized. For this week, the Socastee newspaper staff worked with guidance counselors and... Continue Reading →

What’s Best For You

By: Jenn Drabick Many colleges provide and short brochure to highlight what their school offers. As the school year inches closer to the end and colleges are setting their application deadlines, many students may be considering their next step in life. Many students may feel they must get into a university in order to excel... Continue Reading →

Making It Shine One More Time

By:Victoria LeRoy, Staff Writer Shows on Netflix Victorious was a show on Nickelodeon from 2010 to 2013. The show was recently added on Netflix, keeping our childhood going forever. Having Victorious and other shows from Nickelodeon on Netflix can make people remember the memories that they had when they were a kid. Description of Victorous... Continue Reading →

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