A Head Start at No Cost

By: Nancy Alvarez, Co- Editor    The stress of money can be a roadblock for many, especially when it comes to college. For many seniors, the reality of college is slowly approaching, but with the help from guidance counselors, applying for colleges can be quick and painless. Guidance counselors provide as much help as possible during... Continue Reading →


Once a Brave, Always a Brave

By: Kalli Todd, Co-Editor    “Dr Browning was a COMPETITIVE, COMPASSIONATE and DEMANDING LEADER that I got to learn a lot from in a short amount of time. His footprints and legacy will be felt here at Socastee High School for a long long time. God Bless you Dr. B,” stated Doug Illing, teacher and former... Continue Reading →

A Catwalk Toward Positivity

By Aubrey Semprevivo, staff writer Here at Socastee, there are many traditions which we participate in yearly that are unique to our school. True to this statement are the school’s recurring fashion shows held annually during all three lunches. All of the models from the 2018-2019 fashion show The fashion shows are organized by fashion... Continue Reading →

Falling Into A New Season

Aubrey Semprevivo, Staff Writer Summer is over, but the fall fun has just begun. Students and athletes are embracing their school spirit as fall sports begin, and everyone is looking forward to the upcoming season.    Socastee Cross Country has a fascinating  and successful history as one of the best teams in the school. Having secured... Continue Reading →

No-Bake, Brain Food

Nancy Alvarez, Co-Editor    School is back in session which means most students cannot wait to go home and have an afternoon snack. Munching on snacks while doing homework is especially popular amongst students, since it has been long enough since lunchtime to be hungry, but not close enough to dinner time to have an entire... Continue Reading →

Leaving The Stress at Home

Victoria LeRoy, Staff Writer    Getting up for school can be hard for some people since waking up early in the morning is not very fun. Motivation is key to getting up and getting ready for the day. Every student is different, so every morning routine is different due to the different grade levels, classes and... Continue Reading →

Recreating Classics: Live Action Disney Movies

By: Samantha Heath, Staff Writer Many people, young and old, have seen classic Disney movies. Whether they be “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, “Toy Story” or “Frozen”, they have been cherished throughout the years by many generations. So much so, that some of these classics are being, or have already been, remade into live... Continue Reading →

New Rules For The Juuls

By: Jennifer Drabick, Co Editor With these new rules administration hopes to find less students with vaping devices.   As the new school year has begun, many changes in discipline have been introduced, being a direct result from problems faced in previous years. Two major issues that have been adequately addressed in regards to Socastee High... Continue Reading →

A Wave of Change

Lauren Jones, Staff Writer 2019-2020 school year has brought many adaptations and changes with the way things are done in our school. Put aside the dress code and disciplinary rules because the interior has also undergone an extreme make-over. In the gym,where many school events occur, the mural on the back wall has been washed... Continue Reading →

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